New year, new beginnings !

Parisianly yours #25 - Happy 2016

Bonjour mes amis ! Hello dear friends !

Sometimes, reality hands you an unexpected event and you have to make the most out of it.

The unexpected event is the “safe habour agreement”, that legal thing between the USA and the EU that dealt with the protection of personal data, coming to an end next January 31th. In our case, it means I must find another way to operate the Newsletter.

So … After 26 joyful issues of the letter, I’m making a pause and I’m going to blog until I figure out a new “legally OK” way to make things work.

If you were a dedicated reader, I will keep you informed as soon as possible, and I invite you to start following me on the blog with the email subscription in the side bar of the Home page or on Instagram here.

If you had not subscribed yet, welcome on this blog and you can find more about me here !

See you all soon in the next post !


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