Slow life in the city

After the success of the “slow food” movement, the concept of “slow life” seems to appeal to more and more people and I am one of them.

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Inspired by home_and_roam latest post (you should definitely read it if you haven’t yet), it struck me that the idea of slow life is often associated with living in the country side.

I thought : “What about us, living in the city ? What can “slow life in the city” mean for real ?! ” 

Here are 5 easy ways I came up with to practice slow life in the city.

  • The good thing with living in a big city is that you may have the opportunity to NOT have a car. Like NOT AT ALL, which is our case. If you are lucky, you have a great public transportation system or you ride a bike or you walk. I know … Too many cars may not feel so friendly for riding or walking unless you plan a bit ahead your way to go. I must confess that riding in the traffic is a bit too challenging for me. I’d rather stay in my head and walk in the emptiest streets I can find which feels a bit like meditation.
  • Another nice thing is to avoid supermarkets as much as possible and go to nice little shops instead. We especially love these typical Parisan food stores streets so full of life ! I’ve been talking about some in one Newsletter and will have to give details here soon obviously !
  • Let’s talk food a bit more and consider buying organic, local and seasonal ! Who wants to eat strawberries in winter ? Come on !
  • If you’ve already reduce your TV time, you can also imagine going to see old movies in small vintage movie theaters (Google translation says “art house cinema”, I’m sure you see what we’re talking about here). It happens we have plenty of them in Paris which just makes you want to go for a little romantic stroll at night to enjoy a good classic. Just because major movie director Ettore Scola just died, I recommend trying old Italian movies … in Italian, for maximum authenticity !
  • Though living in a big city can be full of temptation to buy new things (more on that soon), it can also make things easier to declutter, either by selling or giving. Most things can easily have a second or a third life, square meter is expansive, clarity in your home goes alongside with clarity in your mind, all good reasons to go for less and keep only what you need.

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These ideas come from my day to day Parisian life. I think most of them can easily be applied to any big city and may be smaller cities offer other slow life opportunities.

If you’re in that case, I’d love to know how you navigate “slow life in the city” ? What else do you do that feels good ? Are there achievements you are particularly proud of ? Let’s talk a bit to see what we can share !

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  1. I loved this post! I live in the city and sometimes I find it very stressful. Thanks for these great tips on living slowly! 🙂