The word of the year 2016

Every December since 2011, I go on Susannah Conway’s blog and I download the pretty workbook she has created called “Unravelling the year ahead”. I really appreciate the beautiful and gentle frame it gives to express some intentions.

PY 2 Flourish 2016 1

Its magic works in three steps. You first reflect upon the past year and I must confess this part always gives me a hard time. I’m working on a few ideas to make things easier for December 2016.
The second part is to choose a word for the year to come. The 5-days e-mail guidance Susannah also offers is of tremendous help for finding the word that best describes the possibilities and permissions you want to invite into your life to help open new doors in the new year. It feels like choosing a lucky star for the next twelve months. So exciting !
In the third part, you go on imagining how you would like this word to guide your life. It’s a great moment to let your imagination run free and dream big.

PY 2 Flourish 2016 3

An important point is that your word-of-the-year resonate inside. Ideally, you would physically feel its drive in your body. And in my experience, when it does not resonate so much, it may be caused by some inner lingering conflict that traps your flow of energy.

In 2015, my word was “Celebrate”. This was the best I came up with and yet I felt completely disconnected from it. It did not resonate at all. No word seemed to fit actually because of an opposition between a strong vibe and some pointless “should”. I was all about creativity but the idea that self-development should come first blocked the way. I had to find how to mix being a work in progress AND fully expressing myself out there like I’m doing now for instance.

PY 2 Flourish 2016 2

“Celebrate” did bring some good things though and I feel very grateful for, in the end, I’ve found the right blend and “Flourish” came as my word for 2016. It perfectly brings together the ideas of becoming more you while shining your light into the world all wrapped up in a comfortable sense of ease and efficiency. As they say : no flower thinks twice about flourishing ! And it strongly resonate which feels good. It has already started bringing some amazing goodness and I can feel it carrying me forward like I’m effortlessly surfing a big powerful wave. I cannot wait for all it will bring along !

Do you also choose a word-of-the-year ? What is it for 2016 ? Has anyone experienced hesitation or resistance in the process ? I’d love to hear your story ! And if you’ve not done it yet, it’s never too late. Will you join in ?

2 Responses to The word of the year 2016

  1. My word is reflect
    Reflect on my place in the world, art and nature and people around me
    Slow down and take time to reflect at the end of the day the things that happened to make me sad or happy

  2. My word is change

    I will turn 50 in March…(St.Patrick’s Day) and i feel that this is the year to make changes

    Financial, emotional, physical, and lifestyle

    Looking forward to the………change