Paris museum – The house of Victor Hugo in stylish Le Marais

Unless it is freazing or pouring rain or, for mysterious reasons, you just feel like staying inside lying on the couch, winter weekends in Paris are made for … visiting a museum ! A great “slow life in the city” classic !

And today, we go on doing what we did best in the Newsletter and explore a small yet fascinating museum on the beautiful Place des Vosges in Le Marais : the house of French writer Victor Hugo.

Parisianly yours 20160131 3 Victor Hugo 1

As you may know, Victor Hugo is one of the most famous French writers of all times.

Not only did he wrote masterpieces such as Les Misérables with Cosette and Gavroche or Notre Dame the Paris with Esmaralda and Quasimodo, but he wrote A LOT of them and in many different genres.

He was also involved in the political life of his time, and had to run away for 19 years, with 15 spent in Guernesey, during the French second Empire because of his Republican ideas.

The house on the Place des Vosges is actually the “twin” museum of that of Guernesey. If Guernesey is considered the “major” one, because that’s a place he lived in for a long time, there is beautiful memorabilia to see Place des Vosges even if most comes from other places and the whole visit conveys that particular feeling of peeking behind the curtain you get when you visit artists’ work places.

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And even you’re not specifically interested in Victor Hugo, there is one very good reason to go visit this museum : the incredible opportunity to see the amazing Place des Vosges from the inside.

This royal square was built around 1610 which makes it one of the oldest in Paris. It remains unique by its propotions and decoration, and is also considered one of the most stylish because of its geometric shape and of the architecture of the buildings around, all in red bricks with beautiful arcades on the ground floor.

The visit of Victor Hugo’s house is the opportunity to discover the inside of theses amazing buildings, the old wood floors, the stairs and stair-cases, the decorated windows and hidden couryards and, of course, the view on the square.

Parisianly yours 20160131 3 Victor Hugo 12

The square being a must-see of Le Marais, this visit is the perfect opportunity to dive behind the surface and catch a glimpse of its timeless beauty.

And once you are back from this travel in time, you may want to go eat something and here are three excellent adresses on the square :

  • if money is no object, the Michelin three starts restaurant L’Ambroisie is just next door actually, a reservation would be cautious though,
  • for traditionnal French food in a classical decor, try Ma Bourgogne, a place we love to go,
  • for something more “on the thumb” with great brunch, delicious pastries and macarons, timeless Carrette is there for you !


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