Paris best hot chocolates

I know there is a BIG thing going on about coffee all around Instagram and the Internet at large but I must confess I don’t drink coffee. Like not at all. Never did, never will. I drink hot chocolates instead.

And can you imagine a better moment than the middle of Winter to share with you my best Parisian places to drink delicious hot chocolates ? You’re welcome !

Parisianly yours 5 Paris hot chocolates

I’ll start with those I called the Specialists, meaning their main business are the chocolates we eat, best quality ones, and they also make hot chocolate to drink.
Jean-Paul Hevin (231 rue Saint Honoré) : at least four different flavors and a perfect balance in everything
La maison du chocolat (8 boulevard de la Madeleine + three others of their stores) : more creamy and with a strong personnality

Then there are the Classics, the most famous ones you absolutely want to taste if you like hot chocolate.
Le café de Flore (172 boulevard Saint Germain) : one of the best ones, nothing to change
Les Deux magots (6 place Saint Germain des Prés) : one of the best ones, in which I sometime like to add some milk
Ladurée : one the best ones (but I rarely have hot chocolates actually in Ladurée because I’m too busy having a cake or a pastry of some sort with which I usually drink plain milk or water ! Too bad ! Yes, OK, I’ll have to fix that 🙂
Angelina (226 rue de Rivoli) : very thick and tasty and served with Chantilly, you must taste it once to check if it’s your thing or not
Carrette (4 place du Trocadero or 25 place des Vosges) : one of the best ones, but same as Ladurée, everything is so good … OK, I’ll fix that too and will force myself to go more often to have hot chocolates ! Duty is duty.

And to help you find them faster, here is a little Google map just for you ! Looks nice doesn’t it ?!

Needless to say there is more than that in Paris about hot chocolates and I will add some more and new adresses in part 2.


4 Responses to Paris best hot chocolates

  1. i must admit this blog post has me wanting a large cup of hot chocolate. But the sun is out and it doesn’t feel so much like hot chocolate weather.
    I think i would head to Angelina, as i an intrigued by a very thick hot chocolate with chantilly cream….the calories.
    I have never drank coffee but after 41 years i tried one of the fancy ones with a syrup frothy top and have to say i loved it.
    I am a late to the party coffee drinker i think.

  2. You would love Angelina, Heidi ! The gorgeous vintage deco is amazing and everything is so delicious ! We must do that when you come to Paris !