Photo interviews #2 – Ewa from @_ewabakrac

Hello everyone !
Time for our new “Everyday photography” interview and this week I feel so happy and honored to welcome the talented Ewa from @_ewabakrac.
Here’s what she shares with us !

My name is Ewa and I’m still 36 🙂 I’m from Poland but the life’s ways took me along to Serbia too and now I live in Bristol, UK with my two kids and one husband, and with a big dream to move to the country one day, soon. I used to run a photography business once, I do the office work for a living now but also I’m quite into establishing an online shop with handmade paper goods (not there yet but I’m on my way!).

Q1- Among remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision or something else, what feels the most inspiring to you in “everyday photography” ?
I think the most important thing for me is creating some kind of visual journal, along the written one. It’s easier to take a picture or two than to find some time every day to write down the day’s happenings, and this way I remember a flower and a family walk, and the stories around them will come back to me once I look at the picture. So yes, collecting the everyday moments and the stories they tell, that’s my thing. I also enjoy the process of creating a scene and keeping the particular moment, sometimes it’s photographing ad hoc, and sometimes styling a bit, but it’s all important bits of life, either the little bunch of leaves from the kids, sometimes a cookie or the bread my husband bakes for us. I need to remember, and also I like to show it to others, praise my family this way. That’s why I create my Instagram story. To remember, but also to inspire.

Parisianly yours Photo interviews Ewa

Q2- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or convey when you take these pictures ?
I hope my pictures evoke smiles and this amazing feeling of calmness that I enjoy so much while looking at others’ photos. I am very much into the concept of the slow living and I try to make the most of it in our life, and because it’s not completely possible just yet, I appreciate every single slow moment that we have even more, and this is what I’d like to show. Also the way I see the world and the little things we so easily take for granted and pass them during the everyday errands : I try to notice and appreciate them, because it’s the tiny details that make our life beautiful. I have this specific sense of aesthetics, I like to make things pretty but at the same time not sterile, that’s why you will always find a little bit of mess in my photos. I try to (re)create real life with two active kids involved, rather than a museum exhibit with not a single crumb around. And this is also what I like and try to show, a nice life that is lived together, consciously, sometimes messy, but oh so good.

Q3- What do you seek and appreciate in other people’s “everyday photography” pictures ?
I look for the same things that I mentioned above. I enjoy a peak into others’ lives, homes, bookshelves and kitchens, I love to see creative processes and travels off the beaten path. I enjoy seeing how people’s lives happen around the idea of “slow” and I’m glad to see that we are taking time to bake, knit, read and love, instead of only rushing and running and not noticing anything around. I also look for more practical inspiration, you wouldn’t believe how many screenshots from Instagram I keep in my phone : of fantastic interiors, colour palettes, books to read, recipes to try out and places to see! It’s so good to know that there is such a variety and diversity out there, always inspiring, always amazing. It feels great to be a part of this community and share a similar mind-set.

Q4- How has Instagram influenced your way of practicing photography ?
It definitely helped me to develop the habit of photographing every day, stop, pick up the camera and not only see, but notice things around. And even though not all of my photos make it to Instagram, it’s a good way to keep the eyes open and other senses active. Besides I think that thanks to all those inspiring feeds of Instagram my style and my way of seeing things changed a lot, which is good. I’ve evolved and I’ve grown up in terms of aesthetic and concepts, and I’m so grateful I had a chance to get here with so much inspiration, but also with perseverance and resilience.

Parisianly yours Photo interviews Ewa

Q5- What do you most enjoy about Instagram ?
I like the community of Instagram and the possibility of interaction with people that became friends, kindred spirits (although unfortunately I don’t have enough time to be more present and answer to all the comments lately, hopefully that will go back to “normal” soon!). I like sharing and exchanging, I like the endless source of inspiration and support.
I think one of the most important things that pulls me towards Instagram is that there are people who have similar ideas and way of life, who have similar ebbs and flows to mine, who see the world in a similar way and it is simply good to know. It’s a comfort zone 🙂

Q6- What is the thing you wish “you had known before” or “somebody had told you earlier” about Instagram ?
Take it easy with Instagram in-app filters 🙂
But seriously, I’m not sure if there is such a thing. Maybe if someone told me that there would be teenagers “borrowing” photos without credits and Instagram wouldn’t care much ! It takes the joy away and makes you frustrated, but then on the other hand, after such adventures I came up to the conclusion that I started on Instagram to enjoy myself, and not to waste my time on chasing shadows, and I let it go. Maybe it’s better to take it as a
compliment 🙂
Oh yes, and I wish I knew that Instagram was highly addictive. It took me a while to find the balance 🙂

Q7- Taking a step back, what is the best advice you have or wish you had received about photography?
That must be the one about following your own heart, your own instinct and your own vision. Do whatever you think is good, don’t let others to tell you what’s right. You may learn techniques but you need to find your way to see. Be true to yourself, not to fashions and trends. Being fake only because it’s trendy won’t make you feel better and definitely won’t make your photos better. Discover and explore, don’t copy.
I guess that’s the good one and I remembered it quite well.

Parisianly yours Photo interviews Ewa

As a conclusion, can you share 3 to 5 Instagram accounts you like and think deserve more visibility?
@lillistorm : because the mood of her feed is just OMG !
@thomaskjaercph : recently discovered, I like his vision and style.
@olgaprinku @kathrienvonw and @mijn.grid : because they are just beautiful !
@marko.kosovcevic : because I miss Serbia and he shows her so specifically good.

Many thanks to you, Ewa, for your kind participation to the project. Reading your answer was so very inspiring.


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