Private Paris – Villa Hallé – Paris 14

Hello everyone !

New day, new week, new year ! And Summer at last. All wrapped in this beautiful day.

Today is a big day for me because it’s the blog first anniversary. Such a happy moment !

Thank you so much for being here and celebrate with me.

And it felt good to start this new step with a new project about Paris and its beautiful iconic little places hidden here and there.

This post start a new series in which I will bring you explore some forgotten streets, courtyards or whatever cute places tourists never get the chance to see and most Parisian don’t even know about.

Today, I invite you to discover a charming tiny private street called the Villa Hallé. It is a quiet 19th century dead-end pedestrian alley built above the famous Parisian catacombs but you would never guess. I especially love the timeless atmosphere of the cobblestones, pretty low houses and gorgeous flowers.

Let’s go and I hope you enjoy it !

2 Responses to Private Paris – Villa Hallé – Paris 14

  1. Great ! @Karen Olson Thank you for the nice feed back. You’re right, one never knows. And travels are always nice dreams to have 🙂